First Kicks Futsal

The game of Futsal is designed to develop and encourage skillful play both with the ball in the air and on the ground. Futsal is very much a part of a Continental player’s development programme and many current European players have played the game from a very early age. The Resource above will give examples of techniques and skills areas. These key areas are considered fundamental to the game of Futsal. It is important to note that both the ball and footwear will affect a variety of skills within Futsal.

The ball has a minimal bounce, is of a much heavier weight and will stop almost dead when in contact with any part of the body. Much of the game of Futsal is designed to be played on the floor but there is an aerial element to the game. Futsal is designed to be played on a smooth, solid surface, generally indoors and the game is designed around this type of surface. Futsal is a fast moving game where different strategies are adopted throughout the game with the emphasis on the individual contribution to team play. Futsal players are required take on the role as an ‘all-round player’ adopting both defensive and attacking roles as positions/roles often change within the game.

10 reasons to play Futsal

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