Our Coaching

At First Kicks we have three stages of development

First Kicks Stage 01 (3-4yrs)
Parent participation is encouraged as your child takes their first steps on the footballing ladder! Our sessions are based on improving balance, coordination, speed, awareness and motor skills. We try to develop numeracy and colours through fun based drills. Gradually you will see your childs independence grow and it is our aim for your child to start ‘going alone’ and improving their footballing and social skills. Small footballs are used with small goals to help improve accuracy. Simple techniques like kicking a ball, controlling and shooting are taught, broken down to their simplest form for your child to understand and most of all enjoy! It’s a great energy sapping one hour session, we encourage teamwork using stickers and reward stamps to motivate your child. All our Sessions take place on 3g astroturf and we offer an indoor and an outdoor facility

First Kicks Stage 02 (4-6yrs)
Parents can relax and watch from the sidelines as your childs confidence and skill develops. We start to really develop technique and introduce skills, turns, passing and teamwork. We try to develop running with the ball, close control and introduce small sided games to increase development. We want your child to feel success and take an active part in the game whatever their ability, to develop their fitness is an important part of a childs life. The emphasis during these sessions is on the overall development of the child’s physical capabilities, fundamental movement skills and the ABCs of athleticism (Agility/Balance/Coordination) through FUN games using a football. Our sessions are well structured, lively and taught with enthusiasm and learnt through fun. They will learn and apply team play, cooperation, and enthusiasm for the beautiful game within a safe and structured environment.

First Kicks Stage 03 (6-8yrs)
The final stage is where children really start to learn about matchplay. With our link to Hannakins Farm year one children start to play in organised friendlies (5v5) with a view to starting in a league when they reach Year Two. At First Kicks we believe in children experiencing every position on the pitch. We concentrate on technique and skill before anything else and all coaches are encouraged to bring out the players confidence during training and matchdays.

We believe in letting the game be the teacher!